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Jamie Harding Namesake info


Harding may refer to:


Harding River
South Africa
Harding, KwaZulu-Natal
United States
Harding, Minnesota
Harding, New Jersey
Harding, Wisconsin
Harding County, New Mexico
Harding County, South Dakota
Harding Icefield, Alaska
Harding Senior High School (St. Paul, Minnesota)
Harding Township, Lucas County, Ohio
Harding University, a private college located in Searcy, Arkansas, United States
Lake Harding, Georgia
Chester Harding House, historic house in Massachusetts
Sarah H. Harding House, a historical building in Andover, Massachusetts
Harding oilfield
Harding (crater), a small lunar impact crater


Aaron Harding (1805 - 1875) American politician
Abi Harding, English saxophonist
Abner C. Harding, American politician
Ace Harding, character in Deja Vue video game
Albert Austin Harding, First Director of Bands at the University of Illinois
Anita Harding (1952 - 1995), British neurologist
Ann Harding (1901 - 1981) , American actress
Antony Harding, English singer
Arthur Harding, Wales and British Isles rugby union international player
Austie Harding, Ice hockey player
Baron Harding of Petherton, English peerage
Ben Harding, English footballer
Ben Harding (guitarist)
Benjamin F. Harding (1823 - 1899) American politician
Brent Harding, Bass player
Bruce Harding, Engineer and mathematician
Buster Harding, Canadian Jazz pianist
C. B. Harding, American film-director
Chester Harding may refer to:
Chester Harding (painter), American artist
Chester Harding (governor), Governor of Panama Canal Zone
Ciğdem Balım Harding, American academic
Clare Harding (1895 - 1973) English horsewoman
Cyrus Harding, fictional character created by Jule Verne
Dan Harding, English soccer player
David Harding may refer to:
Dave Harding, English footballer for Wrexham and Australian teams
David Harding (mathematician), English mathematician
Daniel Harding, British conductor
Donald Harding may refer to:
Donald Harding (professor), Australian academic
Donald Harding (murderer), American criminal
Douglas Harding (1909 - 2007), English mystic and author
Duncan Harding, pseudonym of Charles Whiting
Ed Harding, American news anchor
Edwin F. Harding (1886 - 1970), military commander
Eric Harding, American boxer
Francis Pym Harding (1821 - 1875) English army general
Florence Harding (1860 - 1924), First Lady of the US
Georg Harding, Australian rules footballer
George Frederick Harding, Wales international rugby union player
George Harding, 8th Baron Berkeley (1601 - 1658)
Gilbert Harding (1907 - 1960), British journalist
Greg Harding, Australian rules footballer
Harold Harding (1900 - 1986), British civil engineer
Harry Harding may refer to:
Harry Harding (political scientist)
Harry Harding (politician), Canadian politician
Ian Harding, pop singer
Israel Harding, English recipient of the Victoria Cross
Jack Harding, American football coach
Jaime Harding, English pop singer
James Harding (1838 - 1864) Australian explorer
James A. Harding, namesake of Harding University
James Duffield Harding (1798 - 1863) English landscape painter
Jamie Harding, English actor
Jeff Harding, American actor
Jeff Harding (ice hockey)
Jesper Harding (1799 - 1865) American publisher
John Harding may refer to:
J. Eugene Harding (1877–1959), U.S. Representative from Ohio
John Harding, 1st Baron Harding of Petherton (1896–1989), British General of World War II and Colonial Governor of Cyprus
John Harding (Sha ko hen the tha), Mohawk leader and politician from Quebec, Canada
John L. Harding American mayor
John Tisdale Harding, on-air radio personality and news director
John Wesley Hardin (1853–1895), American gun-fighter whose name is rendered as "John Wesley Harding" on the Bob Dylan song and album
John Wesley Harding (singer) (born 1965), English singer
John Harding (Radio), radio presenter and owner of Pennine FM
John Harding (bishop), bishop of Bombay
John Hardyng (1378–1465), English chronicler
John Hardin (disambiguation)
Josh Harding, Canadian ice hockey goaltender
Joseph Harding (1805 - 1876) English cheesemaker
June Harding, American actress
Karl Ludwig Harding, German astronomer
Keith Harding, Scottish politician
Kenneth R. Harding (1914 - 2007) American politician
Laverne Harding (1905 - 1984) American animator
Lee Harding may refer to:
Lee Harding (character), fictional character from Escape from New York and Escape from LA
Lee Harding (singer), American pop singer
Lee Harding (writer) Australian writer and photographer
Leigh Harding, Australian rules footballer
Leyla Harding, fictional character in British soap Emmerdale
Lindsey Harding, American basketball player
Lyn Harding, (1867 – 1952) a Welsh actor who appeared in British made silent films, talkies and radio
Major B. Harding, American attorney
Mark Hardinges, English cricketer
Maria Harding, Canadian mayor
Marion Harding, Canadian painter
Mary Esther Harding (1888 - 1971), American Jungian analyst
Matt Harding, computer game designer
Matt Harding (musician)
Matthew Harding (1953 - 1996), British businessman
Michael Harding, Irish writer
Mike Harding, English comedian and singer
Nicholas Harding, Australian artist
Nicholas Mark Harding, English writer
Oswald Harding, Jamaican politician
Paul Harding may refer to:
Paul Harding (footballer), English-born Australian rules footballer
Paul Harding, pen-name for English writer P. C. Doherty
also Paul Hardin, bishop
Peter Harding, Royal Air Force Chief of the Air Staff
Phil Harding may refer to:,
Phil Harding (archaeologist), British archaeologist
Phil Harding (producer), British music engineer
Phil Harding (BBC executive), journalist
Phyllis Harding, English swimmer
Prince Harding, Sierra Leone politician
Ralph R. Harding (1929 – 2006 ) Ohio congressman
Randolph Harding (1914 - 1996) Canadian politician
Reggie Harding (1942 - 1972) American basketball player
Richard Harding, English rugby union player
Rodney Harding, Canadian American-football player
Ross Harding, pseudonym of David Gemmell
Rowe Harding (1901 - 1991), Welsh rugby union player
Ryan Harding, Scottish soccer player
Sam Harding, Australian rugby union player
Samuel Harding, American football coach
Sandra Harding, American philosopher
Sarah Harding, a member of the group Girls Aloud
Sarah Harding, Lama, a Buddhist teacher and translator.
Sarah Harding, British singer (Girls Aloud)
Scott Harding (actor)
Seth Harding (1734 - 1814) an officer in the US Navy
Stephen Harding (died 1134), Christian saint
Stephen Harding (cricketer)
Stephen S. Harding (1808 - 1891) Utah politician
Ted Harding (1921 - 2004), Australian politician
Tess Harding, fictional character created by Jason Katims
Theo Harding (1860 - 1919), Wales rugby union player
Tim Harding, Australian entertainer
Tim Harding English chess player
Tanya Harding, Australian softball player
Thomas Harding, 16th Century religious dissident
Tonya Harding, US figure skater
Traci Harding, Australian novelist
Trevor Harding, Australian speedway rider
Trevor Harding, Canadian politician
Valerie Campbell-Harding (1932 - 2006) Canadian textile designer
Vanessa Harding, American wrestler
Vic Harding (1952 - 1979) English speedway rider
Vincent Harding, African American historian
Walter Harding (1917 - 1996), American academic
Warren Harding (climber)
Warren G. Harding, 29th President of the United States
Weylan Harding, American football coach
William Harding may refer to:
William P. G. Harding (1864 – 1930), American banker
William L. Harding (1877 –1 934), Republican Governor of Iowa
William Harding Jackson (1901 – 1971), Deputy Director of the CIA
William Harding (yeoman) (1643 – 1718)


USS Harding (DD-91), destroyer
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The word "Harding" occurs as such in the following languages: English, German, French, Polish, Finnish, Turkish.
Translation in Japanese: ハーディング.